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2K Spray Foam
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2K Spray Foam

It is a polyol blend designed for insulation of ceilings, walls and floors by spraying technology. Akfix SPR 230 react with P-MDI (polymeric MDI) to give a foam at medium applied density meeting class B2 according to DIN4102 standard. The applied foam density is medium but it can vary according to the numbers of layers and their thickness, atmospheric conditions and type of application (vertical or horizontal). To get a good foam adhesion the surface to be dry, not at too low temperature, cleaned from oil and dust etc. This product does not include HCFC and any ozone corrosive polyol. It includes 365 mfc (HFC).

2K Spray Foam

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S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
RFSP130.220 SPR 130 Yellowish 470 kg set (250+220kg) 1 - -