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320C Cornice Adhesive
320C Cornice Adhesive

A Premium formula, with excellent initial adhesion strength that is utilized in assembly of the polystyrene cornice sheets. Also provides good performance with plasterboards and decoration materials.

320C Cornice Adhesive

Product Information

  • Initial adhesion ability of 120 kg/m2,
  • Both vertical and horizontal application,
  • Waterborne,
  • No odor & solvent,
  • Paintable.
Applications Area
  • For assembly of the polystyrene decorative cornices and panels,
  • Suitable for the substrates such as ceramic tiles, bricks, foams, felts etc.
  • For the adhesion of plasterboards and ornamental materials,
  • For the adhesipn of the wooden construction elements.
S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
GA214 320C Plastic Cartridge 310 ml. 24 - -
GA214.06 320C Plastic Bucket Gw. 600 gr. 1 - -
GA214.10 320C Plastic Bucket 10 kg. 1 - -
GA214.25 320C Plastic Bucket 25 kg. 1 - -