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900N Neutral Mirror Silicone
Uygulama resimleri
900N Neutral Mirror Silicone

900N High performance neutral cure silicone which is particularly designed for bonding the mirrors in all kinds and sizes without harming the mirror. A bonded mirror is safer because there is no risk of large pieces of glass falling in the event of breakage.

900N Neutral Mirror Silicone

Product Information

  • Highly elastic, +/-25% movement capability.
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to numerous porous and non-porous  substrates,Safer mirror construction with non-corrosive properties.
  • Permanently elastic.
  • Fast curing.
  • %100 Silicone, solventless.
  • Solvent free, very low odor.
  • Adjustable, easy to apply.
  • High viscosity non slump formula.
  • One component moisture-cured.
  • Excellent tooling properties.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes (-60 °C to +180 °C)
Applications Area
  • Mirror walls in shops, restaurants, gymnasiums.
  • Bonding mirrors to sound plaster,concrete,wood etc.
  • Bonding mirrors to doors or ceramic wall tiles.
S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
SA081 900N Transparent 310 ml - - -