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A120 Anti Gravel Car Underbody Protection Spray
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A120 Anti Gravel Car Underbody Protection Spray

A modified alkyd resin-based surface protectant, especially developed for the protection of areas where automobiles and commercial vehicles can be exposed to various impacts such as stone bumps.

A120 Anti Gravel Car Underbody Protection Spray

Product Information

  • Creates a hard, textured surface that prevents chips and abrasions from stones and impurities.
  • Compatible with OEM textures.
  • Very high wear resistance.
  • Suitable for oven drying.
  • Easy sanding after drying.
Applications Area
  • Can be applied on steel, aluminum, galvanized surfaces, stainless steel, plastic and epoxy coated surfaces.
  • Protecting the wheel wells, rocker panels and undercarriage from inevitable wear and keeping the original appearance.
S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
- A110 - 1 kg 12 - -