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Primer T80 Transparent Epoxy
Uygulama resimleri
Primer T80 Transparent Epoxy

Two component, multifunctional, clear epoxy primer consisting epoxy resin and curing agent binder, giving the low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet the substrate, designing for sealing absorbent or porous substrates like concrete or wood. It is especially suitable as a base component in decorative floor finishes.

Primer T80 Transparent Epoxy

Product Information

  • Low viscosity for maximum penetration.
  • UV stable, can be used outdoor applications.
  • Easy application.
  • VOC free and low odor.
  • Excellent adhesion to common substrate materials.
  • Excellent bonding for polyurea, epoxy and polyurethane coating finishes.
  • Seals pores and capillaries.
Applications Area
  • Primer coat for decorative resinous flooring systems.
  • Clear may be used as a primer coat over dyed or stained concrete.
  • General purpose primer for subsequent finish of coating products and flooring installation.
  • Can be used either as a coating or filled with paint chips, marble chips and colored chips to provide color schemes or patterns.
S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
AEPT80080 - Transparent 12 kg. set (8 + 4 kg) 1 - -