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PU Windshield Primer (Bottle)
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PU Windshield Primer (Bottle)

Polyurethane Windshield Adhesive Primer is a BLACK Primer specifically designed for the ceramic band on vehicle glass. It ensures the complete protection of the adhesive by creating a barrier against harmful UV rays which can lead to the degradation of the adhesive. It is also an adhesion promoter. To be used in conjunction with Cleaner/Activator.

PU Windshield Primer (Bottle)

Product Information

  • One component formulation
  • Cold application
  • Protection against UV
  • Promotes the adhesion power significantly 
Applications Area

The surfaces to be treated must be perfectly clean, dry, dust and grease free. Application of Polyurethane Windshield Adhesive Primer can only take place once the thorough cleaning of the bonding area with CLEANER/ACTIVATOR has been completed. Shake bottle well before application (for at least 1 min.) till the noise of the metal balls contained in the bottle can be heard. Apply product using a felt applicator. Close immediately after use as product evaporates very quickly. Ensure that primer is tack-free dry before proceeding.

S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
AA125 - Black 250 ml 12 - -